Updated: Border Patrol Abuse Since 2010

Killed by Customs and Border Protection


1. Jorge Solis-Palma
Age: 28
Nationality: Mexican
Cause of Death:Fatal shooting
Incident Date: 1-4-2010
Incident Location: Douglas, Az.

Border Patrol agents spotted three men traveling north near the border fence. The men separated. Several agents pursued Jorge Alfredo Solis-Palma. He allegedly got into a physical altercation with an agent and then escaped. As he ran, the agent pursued and fatally shot Solis-Palma.

Border Patrol Cameras Capture Parts of Shooting Incident; Footage counters statement


2. Victor Santillan de la Cruz
Age: 36
Nationality: Mexican
Cause of Death: Fatal Shooting
Incident Date: 3-31-2010
Incident Location: Texas

A Border Patrol agent shot Santillan de la Cruz after he was apprehended on U.S. side of the Rio Grande allegedly transporting drugs.

Man Shot At Border Had History Of Illegal Entry
Man shot by Border Patrol agent identified
OIG report – page 19 ()


3. Anastasio Hernandez Rojas

Age: 42
Nationality: Mexican, San Diego resident since age 18
Cause of Death: Tortured to death by CBP
Incident Date: 5-28-2012
Incident Location: San Diego, Ca.

Border agents apprehended and intended to deport Anastasio Hernandez Rojas, a long time San Diego resident who did not have legal status. While in custody over a dozen agents beat and Tased him to death. His family is now suing the government, there is a pending DOJ investigation, a Grand Jury hearing in process, and U.S. lawmakers have called for an agency wide investigation on the use of force.

Crossing the Line at the Border
Update: Crossing the line
Calls For Justice In Tasing Death At The Hands Of Border Agents


4. Sergio Adrian H. Huereca

Age: 15
Nationality: Mexican
Cause of Death: Fatal shooting
Incident Date: 6-7-2010
Incident Location: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

A Border Patrol agent shot Sergio Adrian Hernandez Guereca on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande canal between El Paso and Juarez. Hernandez peeked out from behind a concrete pillar on the Mexican side of the border. The agent claimed the boys were throwing rocks and he fired at Hernandez allegedly in self defense.

Family of Mexican teen killed by border agent sues U.S.
Border Shooting Strains Tensions With Mexico


5. Juan Mendez
Age: 18
Nationality: Unknown
Cause of Death: Fatal shooting
Incident Date: 10-5-2010
Incident Location: Eagle Pass, Texas

A Border Patrol agent stopped a truck that Juan Mendez was driving and began to question him. A 15-year-old boy fled the truck, and Mendez allegedly struggled with the agent. He was shot twice and declared dead at the scene. Authorities allegedly found 325 pounds of marijuana in the truck.


6. Ramses Barron Torres

Age: 17
Nationality: Mexican
Cause of Death: Fatal shooting
Incident Date: 1-5-2011
Incident Location: Nogales, Mexico

Barron Torres was allegedly climbing the border fence from Mexico when an agent shot him. He was pronounced dead upon his arrival at a Mexican hospital.

More accounts emerge following deadly border shooting
Border shooting now a federal case in Mexico
One year later, deadly shooting still under federal investigation



7. Roberto Pérez Pérez

Age: 63
Nationality: Mexican
Cause of Death: Lack of medical care after being beaten.
Incident Date: 1-13-2011
Incident Location: San Diego, CA

Pérez Pérez attempted to cross without inspection through the San Ysidro Port of Entry when he was tackled, beaten and Tasered repeatedly by CBP officials. He was taken into custody and died months later while still in custody due to lack of adequate medical attention. He was charged with allegedly assaulting a federal agent.

Fallece mexicano que denunció una golpiza


8. Alex Martinez
Age: 30
Nationality: U.S.
Cause of Death: Fatal shooting
Incident Date: 2-27-2011
Incident Location: Washington State

Martinez family members called 911 requesting medical assistance. Border Patrol responded to the call and shot Martinez upon seeing him come out of his home with what they believed was a weapon and turned out to be a flashlight.

Deputy-Border Agent Shoots Man


9. Carlos Lamadrid

Age: 19
Nationality: U.S.
Cause of Death: Fatal shooting
Incident Date: 3-21-2011
Incident Location: Douglas, Az

Lamadrid, a U.S. citizen, was shot in the back by Border Patrol agents while he was climbing the border fence into Mexico. Agents claimed he was throwing rocks and they fired in self defense. He died five hours after the shooting in a hospital. The family has filed a lawsuit.

Border agent shoots, kills man in Douglas
Carlos Lamadrid’s Mother, 19-Year-Old Killed By Border Patrol, Sues


10. Jose Alfredo Yañez Reyes

Age: 40
Nationaility: Mexican
Cause of Death: Fatal shooting
Incident Date: 6-21-2011
Incident Location: Tijuana, Mexico

Yañez Reyes was in a tree overlooking the border fence in Mexico when he was shot in the eye by Border Patrol agents on the U.S. side who claimed he was throwing rocks. He died at the scene.

Agent’s shot kills rock thrower at border fence
Border shooting reignites use of force debate
Incident that ended with agent fatally shooting man restarts debate about patrol’s response to ‘rocking’
Police Investigate Officer-Involved Shooting at the Border


11. Gerardo Rico Lozano
Age: 20
Nationality: Mexican
Cause of Death: Fatal shooting
Incident Date: 11-3-2011
Incident Location: Texas

Rico Lozano was shot and killed after agents pulled over his vehicle on a rural stretch of road. Other occupants and the driver fled, but Lozano allegedly got behind the wheel and drove the vehicle toward the agent. The agent claimed they shot and killed Rico Lozano in self defense.

One dead in Border Patrol shooting
Man killed by Border Patrol agent identified


12. Byron Sosa Orellana

Age: 28
Nationality: Guatemalan
Cause of Death: Fatal Shooting,
Incident Date: 12-6-2011
Incident Location: Arizona

Migrants were attempting to cross the border into Arizona when Border Patrol agents encountered them. Sosa Orellana allegedly became combative and an agent shot him in the chest. He died at the scene.

Border Patrol agent kills border-crosser in confrontation
AZ Border agent cleared in fatal shooting




13. Alexander Martin
Age: 34
Nationality: U.S.
Cause of death: Death in vehicle explosion
Incident Date: 3-15-2012
Incident Location: San Diego County

Martin was driving a rental car from Texas to San Diego. He was allegedly driving the wrong way on Interstate 8. Border Patrol agents pursued him and he did not pull over. Agents set up a trap that flattened his car tires. When Martin did not get out of the car, an agent deployed a Taser. The car exploded into flames, killing him.

Did border agent’s Taser spark deadly fire?
Car Explosion Kills 1, Sends 1 BP Agent To Hospital
Man Killed Near Old Buckman Springs Road ID’d


14. Charles Robinson

Age: 75
Nationality: U.S.
Cause of Death: Fatal shooting
Incident Date: 6-23-2012
Incident Location: Maine

Three Border Patrol agents responded to a domestic dispute after receiving a call for help from the Somerset County Sheriff’s Department. Customs and Border Protection said a person in the house opened fire on the agents, who shot back. State police later entered the home and found Charles Robinson dead. The Maine Attorney General is investigating.

Man killed, border agent wounded in Maine shooting


15. Juan Pablo Santillán
Age: 30
Nationality: Mexican
Cause of Death: Fatal shooting
Incident Date: 7-7-2012
Incident Location: TX

Santillán was shot and killed for allegedly throwing rocks at a border agent while standing on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande.

Mexico Accuses Border Patrol of Shooting Underage Mexican
‘My brother … he’s dead’: Mourning after border shooting
Dispara agente de la Patrulla Fronteriza y mata a mexicano
Condenan muerte de mexicano a manos de agente fronterizo de EE.UU.


16. Guillermo Arevalo Pedraza
Age: 37
Nationality: Mexican
Cause of Death: Fatal shooting
Incident Date: 9-3-2012
Incident Location: Nuevo Laredo, México

While patrolling the Rio Grande on a river boat, Border Patrol agents opened fire on a group of men, women and children who were at a family gathering on the Mexican banks of the river. Arevalo Pedraza was struck in the chest and died.

Border Patrol incident still under investigation
Video of incident


17. Valeria Munique Tachiquin

Age: 32
Nationality: U.S.
Cause of Death: Fatal shooting
Incident Date: 9-28-2012
Incident Location: Chula Vista, CA

A plain-clothed Border Patrol agent shot and killed Tachiquin in a residential suburb of San Diego. The agent alleged she had struck him and was carrying him on top of her car prompting him to fire in self defense.

Witnesses tell conflicting stories.

The border agent involved had a very troubling record when he worked as a sheriff’s deputy. The Imperial Valley Sheriff’s Department ultimately issued the agent a notice of termination for “unprofessional conduct, dishonesty, violation of or refusal to obey reasonable regulations, insubordination, violation of rules, incompetence and failure to follow proper procedures for arrest, search and seizure and treatment of persons in custody.”

CBS News Reports on the Killing of Valeria Munique Tachiquin
Claim filed against Border Patrol in woman’s death


18. Border Patrol Agent Nicholas J. Ivie

Age: 30
Nationality: U.S.
Cause of Death: Fatal shooting
Incident Date: 10-2-2012
Incident Location: Naco, AZ

Ivie was killed by another Border Patrol agent while they were on patrol on horseback. The circumstances are still being investigated.

FBI: Friendly fire killed Arizona Border Patrol agent
Border Patrol agent likely killed by fellow agent in accidental shooting, FBI says


19. Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez

Age: 16
Nationality: Mexican
Cause of Death: Fatal shooting
Incident Date: 10-13-2012
Incident Location: Nogales, México

Border Patrol agents who were standing on the U.S. side shot at a group of youth near downtown Nogales, Mexico, after allegedly telling them to stop throwing rocks. Elena Rodriguez was struck with several bullets and died at the scene. He had been standing in front of a doctor’s office.

Border Patrol shooting of Mexican teen draws condemnation


Non-Lethal Cases of Border Brutality

1. Jesus Enrique Castro Romo

Age: 30
Nationality: Mexican
Incident: Survived shooting
Incident Date: 11-16-2010
Incident Location: Santa Cruz County, AZ

Castro Romo was shot in the stomach by a Border Patrol agent who alleged he threw rocks. He survived the shooting.

Agent charged with corruption now at center of civil suit over shooting


2. Jose Gutierrez Guzman

Age: 41
Nationality: Mexican
Incident: Tased and beaten into a comatose state
Incident Date: 3- 30- 2011
Incident Location: San Luis Port of Entry, AZ

While attempting to enter without inspection Gutierrez Guzman was Tased and beaten.

Jose Gutierrez Guzman Granted Temporary Stay in U.S., Still in Coma


For further reading, videos and information please visit the Investigative Newsource site: Deadly Patrols.

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