Bring Justice Home for Jose Gutierrez


March 30th, marked one year since José Gutiérrez, a long time resident of Los Angeles
and father of three U.S. Citizen children, was shot with tasers by Border Patrol
agents near the San Luis Port of Entry in Arizona, leaving him in a comatose state for
several weeks.

After his case went public the U.S. Border Patrol attempted to deport José, even
though he was in a coma.

While José was receiving vital medical attention the U.S. Border Patrol pressured
hospital officials in Arizona to transfer José to a hospital in Mexico, which would
have put his life at risk.

It was not until human rights groups in Los Angeles intervened and media outlets
covered the case that José was able to obtain a stay from the Ninth Circuit Court of
Appeals and blocked the deportation.

José, a talented musician, is now at home in Los Angeles, where he is still recovering
from debilitating injuries. The U.S. Border Patrol has not taken any action against
the agents responsible for injuring José.

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Bring justice home for Jose Gutierrez!

Author: Communications Director

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